You are currently viewing Video General English – Lesson 2: Learning the basics

Video General English – Lesson 2: Learning the basics

Eva: Yummi 

Jhon: Do you like cereal?

Eva: Nice Colours.

Jhon: Yeah It’s supposed to taste like fruit. But …Fruit

Eva: Fruit.

Jhon: Fruit yeah… I think it is funny because the colours look a little bit like the clothes we wear in summer are really bright and fun .. like the shirt I used to wear when I would go to the beach… 

Eva: And for cold weather?

Jhon : Yeah .. Oh! For the cold weather well we wear hats …  and jackets. Ok so… so this is a photo.. We don’t eat photos, just cereal.. Ok ?  All right, so !  so this is a photo of my family in the winter  and you can see they are wearing hats and jackets.. Right ? and this is my dad. Ok? And next to him is my mom and Doug and my sister Megan! 

Eva: Hello Cosmo. What What? 

Jhon: What? The Tv.

Eva: Aja

Jhon: Oh this is theTV, It’s for entertainment..  You know you watched if you are alone in your house or if you are tired…. And don’t have no one to go out with… 

Eva: Who they are ? They are family too ? 

Jhon: What ? Those on the tv ? Nooo ! Those are animals.. They… They … They live in country 

Eva: Why don’t they live with us?

Jhon: Well they are really messy and smelly and a lot of ways like Doug. But I think Cosmo is maybe… maybe a better choice to have  You don’t want really a horse in your apartment.

Eva: Apartment ?  I want Cosmo to eat with us.

Jhon: Oh Well …We have special food for Cosmo.

Eva: Is it taste? Like this one? 

Jhon: This is people food.

Eva: Can I have that one?

Jhon: ahh Sure! 

Eva: Ok!

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