Video General English – Lesson 1: Presentations

Video General English – Lesson 1: Presentations

Jhon: What’s this?

Eva: Droida.

Jhon: ok… ok… let me start over.

Jhon: I am Jhon, and…. What is this?

Eva: Waka.

Jhon ok Waka

Eva: Droida 

Jhon: And you are?

Eva: Eva 

Jhon: How do you do Eva?

Eva: What’s  this?

Jhon: This.. This is a book.

Eva: What’s this?

Jhon: That’s … Oh that’s a fruit.

Eva: What’s  this?

Jhon: That’s that’s another book..with a different name and….

Eva: What’s this?

Jhon: Oh God, that’s a knife!

Eva: What’s  this?

Jhon: This is a fruit.

Eva: Droida,  fruit, Knife.

Jhon: Yes.

Eva: Book.

Jhon: Yes.

Eva What’s this?

Jhon: These. These are glasses.

Eva: Glasses.

Jhon: Yeah Glasses.

Eva: Droida, waka, fruit, glasses.

Jhon: Yeah, Yeah. 

Eva: What’s this?

Jhon:This is, this is a sofa or a couch.

Eva: What’s this?

Jhon: That’s a shirt ..

Eva: What’s this?

Jhon: That’s a bracelet… Was a gift , actually! 

Eva: Bracelet.

Jhon: Yeah.. Yeah .. that’s a kind of bracelet! 

Eva: What’s this?

Jhon: This is a beard. You don’t .. You don’t have a beard.

That? This one? This Thing ? This is alive, this is a plant It’s alive, and you.. Wow You just pick up right up! It’s like… ohhh ok.

Eva:What’s this?

Jhon: I think this is for you, you should.. You should wear these Clothes! You know Clothes, That’s kind of clothes.. So  ….So this is for you.. Ok and Can you just come.. Cme with me, over here?  Eva! Eva! I think this is  what you said…. If you just can come over here! 

Eva: Fruit 

Jhon: Yeah that’s a fruit .. ah but  ok… Just leave the fruit there.For now, and have that so… over here ! I have my bedroom  and well you have a very interesting way of walking …. In here… ahh, you can .. you can change  .. You can change, put on  pajamas. What just happened ? 

Jhon:  Oh my God!  Did an Alien actually come into my life? Is She really from outer space? 

Excuse me Miss Eva! I’m just … I’m Just going to check on you!   Just going to open the door. Just to make sure everything is ok ! Ok ? so…. I’m just opening the door now! .

You.. You are.. Almost human.

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