Video General English – Lesson 10: Questioning

Video General English – Lesson 10: Questioning

Jhon: Wow, Dad… You are becoming a real expert.. Looks like those cooking lessons have really paid off.

Dad: Yeah, I have been learning a lot. I hope our guests enjoy the meal.

Jhon: Oh I’m sure, they will.

Dad: Will you try?

Eva: Thank you, sir.. Delicious 

Dad: What kind of food did they serve in your country?

Jhon: Ahhh Dad!. I think they have just typical food like us… but why are you asking? 

Dad: Well just in case maybe one day she can cook something good for us.

Jhon: Ahhh! All right finally it’s ready! 

Dad: I’m starving.

Jhon: So yeah! Maybe you like to help Eva to cook somentime! 

Dad: Eva …What is typical in your country? Chicken? 

Eva: Delicious too.

Jhon: So when do you think you could help her cook? 

Dad: Tomorrow is you like.

Jhon: Ok! When you are cooking just make sure… You don’t speak to fast, because sometimes I don’t think she can understand, ok ?  So just that in mind. But let’s enjoy the food now and I’ll serve the next round, Ok? Well here we go 

Mom: Darling. Can you get some drinks, please? 

Dad: I would get some drinks from the fridge. 

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