You are currently viewing Video General English – Lesson 4: Nice to meet you

Video General English – Lesson 4: Nice to meet you

Jhon: Ok so, I’m going to teach you something important here.

This.. This is a one-hundred-dollar bill,  ok ? 

Remember how it looks like so you can 

So you can distinguish it from other bank notes, ok? 

Eva: Yeah… Who is he? 

Jhon: This man? This is Benjamin Franklin, he is a famous scientist and politician… 

Eva: scientist 

Jhon: Are you hungry? You are touching your stomach.

Hungry, you’re hungry? 

Eva: very hungry.

Jhon: Ok, Don’t worry my brother Doug is coming soon with breakfast.

It’s ok, It’s ok, is just my brother Dough…. He is just wet from all the rain, it’s raining.

Doug: Hello! Doug Nowack Nice to meet you.

Eva: Eva, oh.

Jhon: He is cold. It’s rain water.  It’s rain water. 

Eva: Water? 

Jhon: We usually drink it out of cups though.

Doug: Now, This is what I call a friendly greeting.

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