Video General English – Lesson 5: Dress Up

Video General English – Lesson 5: Dress Up

Jhon: With this, You can see the stars, the constellations and all planets in the sky . Maybe even yours.  You want to look? 

Eva:  I don’t see anything.

Jhon: You have to look through here! 

Eva: Aah !! Ok… through here! 

Jhon: With your eyes. What ??? What??? 

Eva: Look !!!! No stars

Jhon: No planets, That’s my neighbor. Is just my neighbor. 

Oh one second. I will explain. One second … The door.

Hey !!!! Steve!!! 

Steve: Hey John 

Jhon: You made it!  Great!! How are you doing ?  

Steve: Good

Jhon: Excellent .. Come in, I’m very well, thank you. Inside.

Eva: Is she an Alien? 

Jhon: No… She is my neighbor, she …  She puts that stuff on her face every night to look beautiful. 

Steve: Yeah but it doesn’t seem to do the job… 

Jhon: She wants to look  beautiful, but it’s not.  Anyway.

Steve: Oh! By the way I’m Steve. John’s best friend.

Jhon: My best friend, He is my…  he is my… She is a little… She is new, she is new. He is my best friend.

Eva: Eva.

Steve: I don’t know why you keep this to yourself.

Jhon: What ? What ? The telescope? And the neighbor? That’s not… No ! that’s not …She Found that that I use the telescope for the stars.

Steve: How did you find this gorgeous chick? 

Eva: Eva.

Jhon: How did I find Eva? You will not believe me if I told you, actually.

Steve: I prefer the truth.

Jhon: She is… from outer space? 

Steve: Come on man, you don’t have to make UFO stories.

Jhon: Noo 

Eva: There.

Jhon: No She’s…  She is actually from outer space. I have been telling people she is from a small country in Europe and She is going to stay in New York for two months.

Steve: Yeah! Right on … but… dah! She looks a little alien, so we need to change her appearance.

Jhon: Ahh, Yeah… 

Steve: I think the… She is a little loose. I brought some clothes from my sister.

Jhon: Ok Yeah! New clothes!

Eva: What is that for? 

Jhon: Ah is clothes to wear 

Eva: Clothes ?

Jhon: So you can look more natural Yeah! Clothes! You could try them on… try some clothes.

Eva: Ok What is that for ? 

Jhon: This is a shirt, you wear .. You wear them on your legs.

Eva: On my legs? 

Jhon: And that’s short! That’s… That’s actually … Doesn’t  go there. Exactly opposite.

Eva: Opposite.

Jhon: I told you she is an alien! She is an alien. 

Steve: I believe you. I have a better idea; We can show you how to do this while we eat. Let’s go! 

Jhon: Yeah! Hungry? Are you hungry? 

Eva: Hungry! Very hungry.

Jhon: Ok! So let’s go .. without your new clothes we will take care of that later, Ok ? 

But you need.. But you can …Ok you can have that one. You are happy with that one?

Eva: Yeah

Jhon: Let’s get out of here. Pizza .  You want Pizza? 

Eva: Pizza !!

Jhon: I know a place for pizza. 

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