Video General English – Lesson 6: The Job

Video General English – Lesson 6: The Job

Eva: It’s here.

Steve: Oh! Ok, so how is the weather? 

Eva: Nice and warm! 

Doug’s Dad : Hey, wait a minute! Young man… who’s grab  a haircut. It is not funny anymore. 

Doug: God idea, dad… But can’t today …. 

Doug’s Dad : Do you have a tight schedule? 

Doug: Pff … Something like that I must do a favor to Jimm, Dad. 

Doug’s Dad: Oh, yeah, what?

Doug: Is a about a new job opportunity 

Doug’s Dad:  What do you do for  a job? You to go to an interview 

Doug: Actually.. I am about to sign the contract…. 

Doug’s Dad:Oh yeah!

Jhon:  Everyone.. 

Doug’s Dad: Hi 

Eva: Hi John

Steve: So congratulations on the job. 

Doug: Thanks man! Thanks a lot. 

Steve: I’m impressed.

Doug: Thank you.

Jhon: A job? What job?

Doug: the job? The job I had applied for… 

Jhon: The job you applied for? 

Doug: In that office . Remember? The one I got a leave today? 

Jhon: ahhh!! It’s coming.. It’s coming back to me know, the JOB! You applied for in the office

How could I have forgotten?

Doug: Otherwise I’ll be late. I might star today 

Jhon: Yeah you better go! 

Doug: Ok. See you all later everyone. Bye Johnny Bye Eva. You too have fun today! Crazy Kids! 

Doug’s Dad: I’m glad He’s working 

Jhon: Good luck with the Job Doug. That you have.

Steve: Finally he takes responsibility for something… 

Jhon: Really ? Responsability ? Doug?  You guys… no way! You actually think…. 

Eva: He has a job! 

Jhon:  So gullible.

Doug’s Dad:Unbelievable.

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