You are currently viewing Video General English – Lesson 7: Scared Together

Video General English – Lesson 7: Scared Together

Doug: Yes! 

Friend: I’ll win the next round!.. Definitely I’ll win the next one.

Doug: In your dreams,maybe if I let you.

Radio: We interrupt your regular program to bring you this severe storm warning.. A class 4 hurricane is forecasted for the tri-state area.. 

Friend: ahhh .. Doug, Did you hear that? It sounds serious.

Doug: It sure does… let’s get out of here 

Friend: but… ooouuu Johnny would be upset.

Doug: I could live with that … can you ? 

Friend: Yeah.. Ok, Let’s go.

Doug: Let’s go.

Friend: Oh Oh… Dou… Did you hear that?

Doug: I did, I did… we better go before the storm hits.

Friend: But where is Johnny? 

Doug: I have no idea. But wherever he is I hope he is having fun! 

Friend: Yeah 

Doug: Let’s go. Let’s go.

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