Video General English – Lesson 8: Work Out Start Up

Video General English – Lesson 8: Work Out Start Up

Friend:Hey Johnny what’s up?

Jhon: Hey! Not much man 

Friend: What are you doing in there? 

Jhon: Just playing a little guitar 

Friend: Good, Good ! So…. what have been up to? 

Jhon: Not much…. Been doing a little thinking… 

Friend: Oh yeah? 

Jhon: Yeah, I was thinking about… I don’t know.. Improving myself a little bit maybe… 

Friend: Good

Jhon: My lifestyle.

Friend: Can I help you with something?  

Jhon: Well you actually can… I was thinking a little bit about, maybe… working out.

Friend: Ohhh!! Working out! You wanna look like bigger and.. Yeah! Is there a special reason for it? Like maybe that pretty girl? With the pretty eyes…..and  slim figure? Is it ? Yes? 

Jhon: I can’t denied it, I can’t denied it. Is it that obvious? 

Friend: Yes it is… it is…. Oh man I’m so the right guy for this job.. I’m going to make you look hotter, and bigger… and she is going to love it, , I’m telling you, She is going to fall for you, right away… 

Jhon: Excellent… 

Friend: Trust me.. . All right!  put the guitar down! 

Jhon: Put the guitar down? 

Fiend: Yeah! 

Jhon: All right

Friend: Ok, now, let’s see.

Jhon: Mental exercise, I do that a lot.

Friend: It’s going to be a lot of work! But we can do it! We can do it! You can look like this… 

Jhon: Yeah?

Friend: Yeah! 

Jhon: In how long? 

Friend: Maybe. And time 

Jhon: That was good rigth?

Friend: Sure! 

Jhon: That was good, I feel the burn, I feel it now, feel like I’m getting bigger.

Friend: Yeah, you are! 

Jhon: What?

Friend: No, nothing! 

Jhon: So, what’s next?

Friend: Well…maybe take some of the weights. You know! 

Jhon: This  one? 

Friend: Yeah! And then you go like this, ok? Push it down…..and then you go up and down and then you go up. Ok? Now  you try!  You want a lighter one? 

Jhon: No, this is fine, I can use this one. So wheb shoould I star? 

Friend: mmm… Now! 

Eva: Poor Jhon. You have to finish al the soup! You will be fine after this, this is you mom’s soups you know? 

Jhon: Oh yeah! 

Eva: Yeah! 

Jhon: is very good.

Eva: Family 

Friend: Very good.

Eva: you want some? 

Friend: NO, thank you. 

Eva: Good. 

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