Video General English – Lesson 9: A Lot of Work

Video General English – Lesson 9: A Lot of Work

Shopper: Thank you, thank you very much John.

Jhon: And there us you receive, my brother will pack your books for you.

Doug: Pff! Good luck with that! Hi dad, how’s things? 

Jhon:: Hi dad.

Dad: There is definitely something bizarre about that girl. Where did you say came from? 

Jhon: Uhhhh .. I Just remember dad that I have to make a call. I have to place an order….

Dad: Hi Eva.. How are you? 

Eva: Well, thank you Sir.

Dad: How do you like New York? 

Eva: New York, is a pretty city.

Dad: Do you have any trains in your native city?

Eva: Trains? 

Dad: Trains? 

Jhon: Hi dad, She is from Europe.

Dad: Don’t you have trains in Europe? In some countries they have bicycles!

Eva: Bike

Jhon: Yes bike! Some… some do.. Some prefer trains.

Dad: What you got there Eva? Are you all right? You are looking pale! 

Jhon: Oh dad! I think is just the New York weather…. She is feeling a bit sick! And well we need to care for her… But i think… I think we are going to … I think we are going to stay at work a bit more at the shop.  Are you going home and have lunch with mom? 

Dad: I thought we were going to have lunch with you and Eva. 

Jhon: Oh! Well.. I think we have a lot of work we need to do and she is sick, so…

Dad: Oh! Ok I hope you get better soon Eva! Bye!!! 

Jhon: Ok Dad, Bye! Say  Hi to mom 

Dad: Yeah! I would. Doug, there is definitely something strange about that girl.

Doug: Besides making Jhon crazy in love… I can’t see any strange about her..

Dad: Well I must be going crazy… I must have forgotten  to take my pils.

Doug: So you’re heading off then dad? 

Dad: Yeah! Going to have an exciting game of card with your mother. Ok good bye then! Catch you all later.

Doug: Have fun!

Dad: Bye Bye.

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